barbarellabodypiercing: Scarification piece by our very own Wille, done in 2010.Original pattern design by Myoshka.

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my scarification- healed

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Scarification - My fiance loves scars. they are stories that will always linger... they make you unique and they will never leave you. He finds them beautiful. I would love to do this instead of tattooing our wedding bands (which fade in time) (Do scarring after honeymoon and photos. Wear rings on chain around neck until heal.)

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IG: @apolysis🍄 "7 years healed scarification by @makerofthewhole"

if i ever get a tattoo it'll probably be white, but not like this one. diffferent :)

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Lace tattoo, healed. I am really loving the white ink idea - looks almost like scarification

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white ink - wonder what it looks like when it heals? Not so into scarification, but want something subtle

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