Clowns instantly connote to being creepy, evil and scary. Although it may be very stereotypical of a horror film, a clown would certainly work as a scary character in my horror opening titles. More

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Scary clown makeup effect idea / Paired with one red contact lens -> - and one white contact lens ->

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Cutesy the Killer Clown | IG @voodoobarbiedoll | Clown Makeup, Killer Clown, Scary Clown, Evil Clown, Horror Makeup, Colorful Makeup, Circus, Carnival, Halloween Inspiration, Polka Dots, Scary Mouth Makeup, SFX, Special Effects Makeup, Mehron Makeup, Paradise Paints

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The Eyebrows were a big hit on this when I did it for a Screaming Banchee 5k-10k Run. No I didn't run I was entertainment. I wasn't happy with the Mouth make up. I rate it a 8.-nm Make-up Clown

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