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Pavel Grab Pavel was sadly murdered in Auschwitz-Birenkau in 1944 at age 4. He was from Prague, Czech Republic.


Photo: LMC - N49, or, Supernova remnant . N 49 , or, Stellar shrapnel, is the brightest supernova remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud, approximately 160,000 light - years from Earth. It has been assessed to be roughly 50,000 years old. The latest pictures of N 49 by the Chandra X - Ray Observatory have revealed a bullet - shaped object traveling at about 5 million miles an hour away from a bright X - ray and gamma - ray point source, probably a neutron star with an extremely powerful…


Witches. no info on this picture, can't be sure if it is truly old or a LARP. either way, the picture itself is beautifully composed.

from Paranormal 360

Real Ghost Pictures: The Old Abandoned Mill in Georgetown

Real Ghost Pictures: The Old Abandoned Mill in Georgetown - Paranormal 360


A law enforcement officer took this picture of an abandoned old truck off of Honey Run Road in Chico, California.The optical illusion or ghostly apparition in the close up is quite striking.