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I used this foldable when teaching the vocabulary for scatter plots. The students had an easy time of taking notes are grasped the correlations quickly. Print double-sided for best results. Great to use with an interactive notebook.


Line of Best Fit/Trend Line/Scatter plot Notes & Practice (facebook)

This is scatter plot activity that has notes on line of best fit/trend line. Students are encouraged to create scatter plots from data from baseba...


Scatter Plot Ticket Out the Door from DawnMBrown on - (1 page) - This sheet checks for understanding on correlation and line of best fit. (There are four student copies per page.)


No. 2 Pencils: Scatter Plots & CorrelationI like to begin scatter plots with the height and arm span activity. You see different versions all over but it is a simple way to introduce this standard. And I can't figure out why but kids LOVE to measure each other and to be measured! I always have a few who have to measure their ears or nose or head! You've got to love 8th graders!