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Scatter Plots Task Cards

Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit Task Cards is an engaging activity for students to practice in a variety of ways. These task cards can be used as a game, a center or station, a whole class activity, independent work, or partner practice for concepts related to scatter plots and line of best fit. Includes: 24 self-checking task cards, Student record sheet, Answer Key. 8.SP.A.1


I used this foldable when teaching the vocabulary for scatter plots. The students had an easy time of taking notes are grasped the correlations quickly. Print double-sided for best results. Great to use with an interactive notebook.


Have students create their own scatter plot with stickers. Then determine whether or not it has a correlation. LOVE This!!


Scatter Plot Ticket Out the Door from DawnMBrown on - (1 page) - This sheet checks for understanding on correlation and line of best fit. (There are four student copies per page.)

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