Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth in Schindler's List. First time I saw him was in the movie and I've been crushing on him ever since. He's not aging too well, though.

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whenever I think about this movie, it's the little girl in the red coat that first comes to mind

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Schindler's List ➢ Quiz (six multiple-choice questions and answers) ➢ Discussion and/or essay questions; some of the questions are aligned with common core state standards (RL.9-10.2. and 9-10.3; RL. 11-12.2 and RL. 11-12.3) (EIGHT QUESTIONS WITH FOUR SUB-QUESTIONS) ➢ Summary from IMDBPro with images from the film. This unit is different from my free unit. $2.5 (15 pages) (image from: Oscars in Frames! Schindlers List, 1993 (dir. Steven Speilberg) [Best Picture/Best Director 1994])

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Schindler's List I haven't even seen the movie, but, just listening to the soundtrack... wow... such great emotion. One of the many times music has made me cry.

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Quite literally the saddest, yet best movie ever. End makes me cry every time. Can't wait to watch again!!!!

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Great quote from Schindler's List, sums up practically the whole essence of the holocaust and Hitler's third reich and final solution,

Schindler's List - Steven Holliday ---- Art featured in Hero Complex Gallery's "Imagined Worlds 2" -- tribute to Spielberg, Jackson, Nolan, Carpenter, and Cameron (2014-10)

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alista de schindler - Resultados da busca Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Search

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Schindler's List- it's amazing what one courageous person with a conscience can accomplish

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