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Schlafly Oktoberfest. One of my fave oktoberfests, mellow and balanced without being watery.


Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. You can really taste the cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in every sip without it being overdone. The sweetness and maltiness of this beer is balanced very well.


One of the best beers St. Louis has to offer. Any IPA fan will like this take that utilizes Australian hops. Heard the last batch of the year was just done, so grab it if you can find it. Not sure if the locals refer to this as "Tip UH" since they say they're acronyms as words there. Either way, you don't say it, you drink it.


Rasp Hef! So nice; they actually use fresh raspberries in the brewing process, not a syrup, making a world of difference. Beautiful summer beer-light, fresh, crisp and very sessionable!


Schlafly Beer Introduces Bonfire Box