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Most Painful Insect Stings according to the Schmidt Pain Index | Planet Deadly

Photo by @RobertClarkphoto // Justin Schmidt entomologist and author holds a western Polyphemus moth....the kind he use to hunt when he was a child In the hills of western Pennsylvania. Schmidt has a new book, "The Sting of the Wild: The Story of the man who got Stung for Science". He has developed a pain scale and has allowed dozens of insects to sting him in the name of science. He does this so that he can understand first hand what the experience feels like. The Schmidt scale of pain runs…

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Amazon jungle villagers get revenge on thieves by lashing them to tree crawling with deadly ants

A Tarantula Hawk Wasp. On the Schmidt sting pain index, it rates a 4.0 A honey bee rates a 2.0!! And that hurts like hell! A 4.0?!?! WTF!?

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The Schmidt Sting Pain Index

The Schmidt Sting Pain Index | Resonating Bodies