Feature: The bizarre reactor that might save nuclear fusion | Science/AAAS | News

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from Popular Science: 10-Year-Old Accidentally Creates New Molecule in Science Class Little Clara's tetranitratoxycarbon is brand new and explosive

Iowa Pipeline Leaks 140,000 Gallons Of Fuel In Largest U.S. Diesel Spill Since 2010 | The Huffington Post

Scientists used to think Earth's tectonic plates were moved by the negative buoyancy created as they cooled down.

This is a resource is a four page nonfiction science article with three additional pages of activities to assess comprehension. This packet…

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Save time and engage your students with this fun and interesting science article about what scientists are doing to our plants' genes to make them better for our future while teaching literacy in your science classroom! This science article includes a 10-paragraph article with reading comprehension questions and a teacher key as well as a copy of the article without questions.

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How To Make Colorful Rainbow Roses | DIY Tag
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