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Science Guy

25 Reasons Why Bill Nye Was The Best Teacher You've Ever Had

"You may have breathed the same air a dinosaur breathed 1000s of years ago. If you don't think that's the tightest shit then get out of my face."

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12 Times Bill Nye Threw It Down For Science

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It makes me feel a bit better about America if we're that obsessed with Bill Nye. But seriously, how can you NOT like Bill Nye? :P

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Saturday morning TV watching always entailed Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

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FREE Science Videos~ Disney presents short, interesting science demonstrations by Bill Nye. Each clip is 1-2 minutes, loads right from the home page, and is kid-friendly! Great resource for students looking for science project ideas or for introducing new science concepts to a whole class. Sample demos include: raw egg floating in salt water, static electricity, how atmospheric pressure works, and making a periscope. Fun, fast, and free!

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Bill Nye The Science Guy: Sound episode

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