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Recycled heart from plastic

“ Found objects” are objects that have been created for a purpose other than art, and are usually every day objects, easily recognized for a utilitarian function. Their meaning in every day life is usually derived from their context in which we use them. By altering the objects’ context, or their form we can modify their meaning and significance.


This would be a great activity for students to do on the day we cover our lesson on eclipses. After the lesson the students will be able to do this activity in groups in order to review what they have learned.


The atomic theory of matter tells us that a gas is made up of tiny particles called atoms (or molecules, which are combinations of atoms), which are constantly in motion, smashing into each other and the walls of whatever container they might be in. Here is a highly visual model of this idea.

How do hurricanes form? With a spiral cut piece of paper and a lamp, you can model how hot air rises off the ocean to create a hurricane over warm water. This is a great way for kids to learn about extreme weather. || Gift of Curiosity


I love these DNA strands made from Gummi Bears! In this very cool activity students build two DNA models to represent the major components of a strand DNA.