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The Best Science Homeschool Curriculum for Kids - Astronomy

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Looking for some cold weather fun? This is family-friendly activity you can do with kids of all ages. Give it a try today!

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Eugenics Today: How Vaccines Are Used to Sterilize the Masses

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Simple STEAM Christmas Tasks

Maybe you’ve been seeing all of the cool STEM and STEAM engineering projects floating around Pinterest but you are still unsure about whether you want to try them in your class. I have made i…

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Magic Spinning Pen - A Magnet Science Experiment for Kids

Magic Spinning Pen - Make a pen balance and spin through the power of magnetism! A fun magnet science experiment for kids.

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Take a look at our next #science experiment: “Moo Material.” Everybody knows what milk is...but you may be surprised at the secret substance suspended in this tasty liquid!

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