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Depth and Complexity | Critical Thinking Task Cards for Science

88 Depth and Complexity task cards for Science. Can be used grades 4-10+, and can be used with any textbook!


Science Textbook Task Cards - Great Course Opener! {With Editable Template}

32 Science Textbook Task Cards give your students confidence to use their science textbooks. Working in groups or alone, students become comfortable and familiar with their textbooks. A great activity to start your science class!


Florida Third Grade Science FSA Prep - Pearson "Interactive Science"

FSA Formatted quizzes for all third grade science topics. Geared for Florida Interactive Science textbooks by Pearson but can be used with stand-alone science topics! Open the preview to see all of the science topics and the Florida Standards covered.


Google Drive Intro to Earth Science Interactive Notebook for Google Classroom

Aligned with Holt McDougal's (HMH) Earth Science textbook Ch.1, "Introduction to Earth Science", but can be used in any secondary Earth Science class!


3rd Grade Scott Foresman CA Science Textbook Mystery Lab

Introduce your Scott Foresman CA Science textbook and the Scientific Method with an exciting Mystery Lab Scavenger Hunt through the textbook! The s...


Science Textbook Task Cards - Great Course Opener! {With Editable Template}

McGraw-Hill Science textbook, workbook, lab book free Grade 1-6 - K-8 Curriculum Board - The Well-Trained Mind Community