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Scientific Method SORT Cut and Paste w/ Descriptions & Examples! REVIEW! ASSESS

What a fun way to review or assess the Scientific Method! Students match the steps with the descriptions of each step AND for higher level thinking they also place examples of a real experiment into the correct steps!Enjoy!Check out my Scientific Method Bundle for more science superstars!Scientific Method Introduction BUNDLE: reading experiment practice projectMore Cut and Paste Science!


Scientific Method Vocabulary Test

Vocabulary tests were an awesome tool for my learning. More often than not, I would retain many of the words I was tested on, even when I crammed for the test.


Scientific Method Foldable Activity: Observation, Questioning, Hypothesis, Etc

Scientific Method: These scientific method cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the scientific method process. Scientific method vocabulary terms: Observation, Question, Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Conclusion These scientific method cootie catchers come in color and black & white, and also come with a version where students can add their own definitions.


Fun beginning of year science activity to set expectations on how students will complete lab sheets (details, drawings, descriptions) as well has lab behavior. Fun, Easy, and Quick Prep Lab that is easy to make connections to the scientific method. fourth grade science, fifth grade science, sixth grade science


7 Ideas for Teaching the Scientific Method

iLearn Science: awesome back to school tool for teaching student about the scientific method


Scientific Process or Method Activities, Worksheets, Notebook Pages

The first unit in Science should be Scientific Method and this unit makes it easy and fun! Lots of fun engaging activities to help teach Scientific method in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade!