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How to Plan a College Paper

A complete guide to planning and starting a college paper - from literature analysis to scientific reports.


'There's no need to reinvent the genetic wheel. That's one lesson of a new study that looks to the saliva of humans, gorillas, orangutans, macaques and African green monkeys for insights into evolution. The research, published on Aug. 25 in Scientific Reports, examined a gene called MUC7 that tells the body how to create a salivary protein of the same name. The protein, which is long and thin, forms the backbone of a bottlebrush-shaped molecule...

Light pollution disrupts sleep in free-living animals : Scientific Reports

Research from the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Germany published recently in Scientific Reports found that people in movie theaters release Carbon dioxide and a common organic compound called Isoprene in specific ratios that correlate with their emotions and changes rapidly during a film. How can finding help us detect life on other planets?

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Wimps or warriors? Honey bee larvae absorb the social culture of the hive, study finds

Even as larvae, honey bees are tuned in to the social culture of the hive, becoming more or less aggressive depending on who raises them, researchers report in the journal Scientific Reports.

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RERUN Conclusion Writing Template

Classroom Freebies Too: RERUN Conclusion Writing Template


Osteogenic Embryoid Body-Derived Material Induces Bone Formation In Vivo | Scientific Reports | Todd McDevitt - Engineering Stem Cell Technologies