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The scold's bridle was an instrument of punishment used primarily on women, as a form of torture and public humiliation. First recorded in Scotland in the 1500s, the device was used on women accused of such offenses as gossiping, nagging or witchcraft. #Renaissance #TortureDevice


17th-18th century iron executioner's mask, Tower of London exhibit. The smile was a nice touch.


That’s the "Scold’s Bridle," a gruesome mask used as punishment for "rude, clamorous woman," who are considered to be spending too much gossiping or quarreling in the Medieval times.


17th century English Scold's bridle at the Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester - In 17th century marriages, the image of the husband in control of the submissive wife was key. So a woman who was known to henpeck or scold her husband could be made to wear the scold's bridle as a form of public humiliation. The device consisted of a metal structure that was fitted over the head, with a metal plate that went into the woman's mouth, clamping down her tongue and preventing her from speaking.