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Masculinity- the men in this show are very smart, the show is made up of the being nerdy and having to have someone help them understand the world Femininity- the women has a child and she is show as being very pretty and that she understands social lives, but are not as smart as the other men.


Quintis is on the mend! Scorpion, October 2016


Falling thousands of ft w/o a parachute its bad 4 ur health. Remember Toby's last med school reference? Scorpion, October 2016

Do you remember Toby’s last stud finder joke? Scorpion, October 2016

Please fasten your seat belts, we are expecting turbulence. 😶Scorpion, September 2016

Should Paige give Tim a chance? Scorpion, October 2016

TeamScorpion is back in only 2 weeks! Get your first look at the season 3 premiere. Scorpion, September 2016

Be the alpha. Control the game. Own the room- Tim Remember when Sylvester last showed ‘em who’s boss? Scorpion, October 2016