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Scott Durant Great Britain

Photo of a group of the 71st Regiment with a color sergeant, posed before conical tent with military camp in background, taken during the Crimean War.


Britain's Scott Durant Britain's Tom Ransley Britain's Andrew T Hodge Britain's Matt Gotrel Britain's Pete Reed Britain's Paul Bennett Britain's Matt...

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c1855 Light Dragoons Cavalry Charge of the Light Brigade Crimea War Photograph


The Siege of Sevastopol (Sept 1854 - Sept 1855, Crimean War) During the siege, the allied navy undertook six bombardments of the capital defended by the Russians, on 17 October 1854; and on 9 April, 6 June, 17 June, 17 August, and 5 September 1855.


Charge of the 17th Lancers at the Battle of the Balaclava by Brian Palmer. After taking horrendous casualties during the infamyous charge, the 17th Lancers were the 1st to reach the Russian guns at the end of the Valley. From the 673 men who started the charge, 113 men were killed & many others wounded, made up of the 4th & 13th Light Dragoons, 8th &11th Hussars, & the 17th Lancers. A spectating French officer, Gen. Pierre Bosquet proclaimed - It is magnificent, but it is not war