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||Open|| I was standing out in the gym with the others packing up my things, I wasn't paying attention when I feel someone tap on my arm, I look up "yeah?"

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12 Times Teen Wolf's Scott McCall Was So Hot You Couldn't Breathe

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(Recruiter RP, his name is Nicholas Martinez) I sat in class, feeling a little freaked out. Weird things had been happening lately when I touched stuff. I didn't understand what was happening. I was trying to distract myself by doodling in my notebook when suddenly my pencil disintegrated. My face paled and I wiped the remains, which looked like sawdust, off my paper, hoping no one had noticed. After class I ran outside and started walking home. I realized after a bit that I was being…

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Community Post: Which "Teen Wolf" Character Do You Belong With?

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Tyler Posey! You guys, I think I finally found a real-life Aladdin look-alike! Move over, Avan Jogia!

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