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    Scottish Fold Kitten - Top 5 Most IntellIgent Cat Breeds

    I think that I may need a Scottish Fold kitty. Too much cute!

    Scottish Fold kitten. Seriously? I mean, is it really fair to be THAT cute???

    This was the first kitten video that started my obsession with watching all other cat videos.

    munchkin scottish fold kittens | scottish fold munchkin cat. so adorable. - saw these lil ... | Animals

    Scottish Fold Kitten hahaha they're so cute!!

    This breed gets its unique look from a genetic mutation that results in the ears being folded forward. It certainly adds to their personality, but breeders must make note not to breed two folded cats together – as they can results in more severe mutations in the offspring.

    scottish fold kitten ♥ I want this kitty!!

    I'm a MUNCHKIN!! You are adorable and maybe the sweetest person you know. Sometimes you get scared of big things but you can pull out that bravery when you need it. Your spunky personality makes you an asset to any environment!

    Young fury Scottish Fold kitten ---- I am a big dog person, but this little kitty is cute!!!!!

    “Adding a little happiness to your timeline. Have a blessed Friday everyone P.S I'm sorry for spamming you with cat pictures.”

    Meredith is Taylor Swift's Scottish Fold life would be complete with this little white scottish fold added to my family!

    I would love to have a Scottish Fold kitten.

    A Scottish Fold kitten prepares to pounce in the most adorable way possible. Those eyes, those big beautiful eyes

    Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Scottish fold kitten!!!!!!! IM DYING!!!!!!!

    Lindoss gray kitten Just look at those eyes, ears and gray fur - what a beautiful cat!

    Me! I let da dogs out! SUBSCRIBE YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

    Scottish Folds kittens are known for their owl-like appearance, but they are affectionate, social, and quiet cats that enjoy spending time with their owners. healthypets.merco...

    Let's start with the obvious... HE'S SUPER FRIGGIN' CUTE. | 26 Reasons Roku Should Be Your New Favorite Cat