I have always adopted kitties, but one day I will buy a scottish fold kitty. So dern cute.

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It’s not hard to see why Gimo the cat is so unforgettable—just one look into his large eyes and you’ll be mesmerized! The Scottish Fold has pupils reminiscent of a wise owl, which appear even larger when framed by his all-black fur. At the same time, they’re extremely expressive: wonder, surprise, and playfulness are all part of Gimo’s non-verbal communication.

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*this lil punkin is a Scottish Fold Kitty (hence the little folded ears!) They are known for looking like little owls because of their big round eyes! I saw one in a picture book when I was about 6 years old and have ALWAYS wanted one! LoveLoveLove!*

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I'm a BEAUTIFUL Scottish Fold Kitty. Hold still while I POUNCE on you!

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Brace Yourself: Pictures of a Scottish Fold as Anime, Disney, and Sherlock Holmes Characters

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