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"The woman who serves unnoticed and un-thanked is a woman who loves God more than she desires the praise of others. She is confident that all her unnoticed deeds on earth are noticed in Heaven. She is satisfied knowing she has pleased her Lord." Read the rest of today’s devotion as we desire God more than the praises of others :

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True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. CS Lewis

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We can mistakenly think that focusing our our lack and comparing ourselves to others is a posture of humility. Instead of focusing on God's greatness in our lives we are focusing ourselves. We are actually agreeing with the enemy by making our own problems bigger than God's promises.

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True Humility Credits God For Every Success. ~ When life is going well we too need to beware of self-deception. Pride will take us where we do not want to go. Only humility will keep us where we ought to be—grateful to God and dependent on His strength ~ Lord, we don’t dare trust in our own strength to do our tasks today. You are the Giver of our talents and opportunities. Help us use them not for our own advancement, but to help others ~ Deceptive Currents|ODB-6-9-15

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Life is so strange... like how one day you can be crying tears of laughter on the living room floor and the next day you are crying "for real" in a ball on the kitchen floor feeling the weight of everything piled on top of you. We've experienced both this week almost daily and I've struggled to process things well through it all... we've let certain parts of our faith atrophy and now we are realizing that "you will reap what you sow" had a lot more truth in it than we thought. Sidney and I…