Harp Seal, Pup in Favorite Position on Its Back on Ice Pack, Nova Scotia, Canada Photographic Print at AllPosters.com

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Canada's seal slaughter must go the same way as its whaling industry | Mimi Bekhechi OMG! HORRIFIC! HUMANS ARE DEMONS ON EARTH!

Norway's much-maligned commercial seal hunt could grind to a halt following parliament's decision to scrap a hefty subsidy for the controversial practice.

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HELD END Canada’s Seal Hunt! People around the world continue to say no to seal products, but the Canadian government stubbornly continues to try to sell these cruel products. It is fighting the EU ban at the WTO & trying to overturn the ban in Russia. THE BAN MUST BE DEFENDED! PLZ SIgn & Share!

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Harp Seal - (aka Canadian Seal) - Sadly one species that faces brutal murder on the annual “Seal Hunt.” Literally beaten to death with clubs and condoned by the Canadian Government. Namibia, the Danish region of Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Russia also permit this inhumane act. ENDANGERED AND CRUELY TREATED – STOP THE MURDER OF THESE HELPLESS, BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS – THEY ARE “ALL GOD’S CREATURES.”

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The Canadian government in early March announced this year's quota for its annual, and highly controversial, seal hunt. The allocation for 2015? 468,000 harp, h

IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare. Babies killed for their skin. Killed with a huge club. Canada receives a great deal of money. Greed is the reason.

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