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Sean Hannity Wife

Video: Donald Trump, Melania Trump Fox News Town Hall with Sean Hannity, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mon. April 4, 2016

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Jennifer Thalasinos, wife of San Bernardino victim Nicholas Thalasinos, joined The Sean Hannity Show to discuss the circumstances surrounding her husband's tragic death.... DEC 8 2015

It’s been over 2 decades since their marriage. If everything’s okay between them then why these divorce rumors? #ecelebrityfacts

Sean Hannity Grills Former Miss Alabama For Saying Dallas Gunman Was a Martyr Fox News host Sean Hannity absolutely tore into the first black Miss Alabama Tuesday night for calling the Dallas gunman who killed five police officers a martyr. Kalyn Champan James first made the controversial comments during a Facebook Live video post claiming that while she feels the sniper is a martyr she also values human life. But Hannity didnt buy it. Image source: Fox News screen grab You say in that…

"There is actually a mole working at Fox News right now. He decided to write to Gawker and tell them that he's going to be a mole he got the job at Fox News hating it..." Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss a mole at Fox News leaking behind-the-scenes tapes to the website Gawker including one tape of Mitt Romney discussing the types of horses he and his wife own with Sean Hannity.