Jamestown Project- The Jamestown Settlement was the first successful permanent American Colony. Turn social studies into a fun and entertaining time of the day for students with this download. Students will use what they learned to create a newspaper with four articles to reflect life in Jamestown. They will create the following sections: - A shocking story (to reflect a real event) - What's New and Exciting - Someone You Should Know - Classified

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Tired of losing your pencils? Meet the QUUVS Pencil Pouch! This modern pouch has 2 sections for optimal organization. The top part has 2 zippered pockets, 1 for small items like your USB drive or earbuds & the other for your cash, cards, & memos. The bottom part has a mesh pocket to hold your colored pencils & a divider with a band to showcase your favorite pens & pencils. Under that, there are 2 sections with plenty room to organize other supplies such as erasers, tape, & more! Check it…

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Ecrire les chiffres 0 à 10 Exercice maternelle grande section coloriage Exercices grande section de maternelle

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This section ISTJ Personality gives a basic overview of the personality type, ISTJ. For more information about the ISTJ type, refer to the links below or on the sidebar.

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