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Secure Server Login

Secure Server Login. Sign in to obtain access to your Secure Server account. Visit

Activate Instant Login Access Alerts for High Server Security

Activate Instant Login Access Alerts for High Server Security 10/06/2012 By QuickOnlineTips 1 Comment

[SuperPass]Unique and Free Password Manager - Use From a Mobile

Unique and Free Password Manager - Save your password not to server(or cloud) but to your phone. You can safely secure your ID & PW and promptly login. New Android Malware Hijacks Router DNS from Smartphone Hi NaijaSoft360 viewers good morning to you allSecurity Researchers have uncovered a new Android malware targeting your devices but this time instead of attacking the device directly the malware takes control over the WiFi router to which your device is connected to and then hijacks the web traffic passing through it. Dubbed "Switcher" the new Android malware discovered by researchers at Kaspersky Lab hacks the…

Last time I talked about the vendor D-Link and their vulnerable cameras. They are an easy target as they have a history of bad security on their machines. So this time I'll be looking at a more professional company Cisco. The Cisco PVC-2300 is a mid range camera costing about $500. It too has a web server it enforces authentication using .htpasswd files. This works by putting symbolic (sym for short) link to a centralized ht password file in every directory you want password protected. Every…

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services V3 6-10u 1Y RNW (WF00219022) Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services is a cloud-based security solution that provides protection anytime and anywhere for your business data. It secures PCs laptops servers and other Windows-based devices such as point of sale machines and tablets. Sets up easily on desktop computers laptops and servers Just register login connect to protect and you re secured. Register online and receive instant…


Access the Secure Server Login area and sign in details here.

The first step towards securing a #Linux server is to disable root login. You can do this from the command prompt in 5 minutes using this tutorial. #Security #WebHosting

Membership Pro Script - Membership sites are extremely popular. Everyone wants to be apart of something and many people pay thousands of dollars a year just to be apart of an exclusive membership. If you are looking for an easy to install and easy to use program which will handle all of your memberships sites requirements, then look no further. Membership Pro is the program for you! Whether you're starting a new online business or have been in business for years, you can easily integrate…

Congratulations to the amazing Brian Kelley. Today Brian becomes just our 3rd author to publish 100 tips. Thank you Brian, for all you have done for us and the SQL Server community.