STEM Challenge: Sedimentary Rocks Model! Challenge your kiddos to make sedimentary rocks using edible layers! Click on the picture for a STEM discussion and great ideas for a sedimentary rocks lesson! I've adjusted this lesson for three age groups now (preK, kindergarten/1st/2nd grade, & 3rd/4th/5th grade), and they have all loved it!

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Teaching about sedimentary rock? Pasta can hep! Check out this fun project. #lessonplan

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Great activity for understanding sedimentary rocks! Crush up graham crackers or similar food to form sediments, add sugar to represent different types of sediments and add melted butter to represent fossil fuels. Press the sediments together as you would in a river bed.

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Edible sedimentary rock 7-layer cookies 4) Make Seven Layer Bars. Explanation: Sedimentary rocks are made in layers. The layers of mud, sand, or even seashells are built up. The layers get squeezed and stuck together to make new rocks. This cookie is made in layers and you can still see the layers even after it is pressed and cooked.

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