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Haha naw he is way way more of that seductive mating dance than 1%


take dance classes with the mr because there is nothing sexier than a man that can dance... especially one that will learn just for you ;)


Myths & Legends: Rusalka In Slavic folklore, there exists a dangerous female fairy-like being that lives in lakes and rivers. Though often confused with mermaids and sometimes are portrayed to look similar to mermaids, they are traditionally not mermaid-like in appearance. They are beautiful and seductive woman with eerie, green-glowing eyes. According to legend, the rusalki are the spirits of drowned or violently murdered young girls.


Africa | Women dancing during a nomadic festivity. Somalia - Ethiopia || From the Indian Ocean to the Somali-Ethiopian interior, nomadic festivities always includes dance and song. After the rains, camel herders serenade eligible girls and impromptu dances in many different styles frequently occur. In the hinterland, women perform seductive dances using veils to the accompaniment of female drummers. | ©Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher


dit is geposeerd. de makers moesten weten hoe een lichaam in elkaar zit zodat ze het makkelijker konden maken en het er echter uit zag.