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would be lovely on the shed! -Sedum roof. absorbs rainwater, lowers temperature, and doesn't need trimming! You have to have a solid structure for this, though. This photo is nice with the copper gutters and rain chains.

from The Life and Times of a "Renaissance Ronin"

The Angle of your Dangle… ;)

I recently received  an email from a guy who wanted to build a Green roof on top of his ISBU Home. He's using SIPs to create his roof. Why? Because he's S-M-A-R-T. :) However, "green roofs" are HEA...

from Bluefoxhorticultural

Green roofs

A Sedum Green Roof. Green roofs aren’t new; they’ve been around for eons as people all over the world used natural materials to build their homes.  Only now, green roof design has evolved to be not only a way of protecting a building from the elements, it’s a source of beauty and also an ecological response to the climatic changes.  To survive and thrive on a green roof, a plant needs to be drought tolerant, but also capable of soaking up huge amounts of periodic inundation such as a…