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Guinea Fowl: Guard Dogs & Good Eating! by Athene Lollman. "Looking for a versatile poultry for your small farm or homestead? Consider guinea fowl. The epitome of self-reliance, guineas need only minimal shelter and will do their own foraging, devouring noxious insects and ticks, as well as bothersome weed seeds." Molly Green - January/February 2015 - Page 12


Helmeted Guinea-fowl (Numida meleagris): Lives on the savannah and in the bush eating insects and seeds. They enjoy eating ticks and that possibly reduces the spread of lyme disease.

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Best Backyard Chickens: Facts about Chickens, Best Chickens for Eggs, Raising Meat Chicken Breeds, What to Feed Chickens & Easy Chicken Coops to Build

Guineas. They kill/eat ticks, japanese beetles, and even snakes. They eat weed seeds. They don't destroy garden like chickens.

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How to Fix a Lawn That Is Overrun with Weeds and Crabgrass

Keep crabgrass out of your lawn with a combination of mechanical and chemical control methods.