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How To Make Biodegradable Newspaper Seedling Pots Making seedling pots out newspaper is a great idea! It makes transplanting easier since you don’t have to dig up your plants anymore. No more fear of damaging their roots! Read on to know how.

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Fold your own quick and easy origami newspaper pots for your seedlings! These can be folded in advanced and stored in the folded position to save space. Because they are biodegradable, you can plant the seedlings with their pot and don't have to disturb their fragile roots!

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DIY Paper Mache Seedling Pots. Rip up newspaper, wet and leave overnight. Puree in blender, press out excess water, press into cupcake tins....dry. Voila!

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An affordable and environmentally friendly way to make newspaper pots for your seedlings to grow in. Easy to make in a few short steps.

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Seed starting is a family affair and a great spring time activity in anticipation of gardening season. Learn how to create your own DIY newspaper seed pots for garden seeds. Re-purpose, re-use, and recycle with newspaper seedling pots. | #EveryDayCare

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How to Make Origami Newspaper Seedling Pots | For Greenies

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