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Seether Careless Whisper

Seether - Careless Whisper This is the Seether cover of "Careless Whisper", originally by Wham/George Michaels.

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.... though it's easy to pretend, i know you're not a fool.... beautiful lines from song Careless Whisper! #Lyrics

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Careless Whisper ~ by George Michael ~~~ I'm never going to dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm, Though it's easy to pretend, I know your not a fool. I should have known better than to cheat a friend. And waste the chance that I'd been given. So I'm never gonna dance again, the way I danced with you

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Careless Whisper- Seether...This cover is SO much better than the original...They portray the meaning of the lyrics and don't make it sound like a love song when it really is about losing someone :) (And I love Seether...xD)

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I love the way you laugh is a great song with some epic writing. I relate to this song....

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