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Yes!!! This is so accurate! The lack of true caring and concern for someone's happiness and safety is unbelievable. It's always about the Emotional Vampire's WANTS/NEEDS! It's all about them... What they want, what they need, what they're trying to get from you, about the false image they are trying to portray, etc. Disgusting!


We all have some insecurities in life but some people allow those insecurities to make them bitter and they decide that everything has to always be about "them". Don't spend too much time with self-centered people, because they just steal your joy! Mary Hamilton 2014

from Pi's Perspectives

My Attitude Depends On How You Treat Me…NOT!

I couldn't agree more sometimes. However, if this is the case then you are allowing others to have control of your emotions. One becomes reactionary. I choose not to be a reactionary type of individual, but it's not always easy when you work around a lot of toxic, unhappy, and self-centered people, #quotes #self-help #attitude