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100 Romantic Love Quotes for Him with Beautiful Images

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Great marriages are made when husbands and wives make a lot of every day choices that say "I love you" rather than choices that say "I love me"

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Thoughts & Quotes About Trust

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The Selfish Husband: How to Cope with and Transform your Selfish and Inconsiderate Husband by Luna Parker,

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40 Prayers for my Husband: His Attitude

Father, Give him a new heart and put a new spirit in him. Remove from any attitude that is unloving, indifferent, selfish, proud or bitter. In its place, restore genuine love and concern for those around him. Put Your Spirit in him and move him to follow Your will and Your ways. (Ez.36:26-27) In Jesus' name. Amen. #40prayers #marriage #prayer

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Husbands, never use your position, size, words, or argumentation to intimidate. Instead, love gently with your wife's best always at the forefront of your mind. Gentleness is a sure sign of strength and love. Men that intimidate their wives (or others) are either deeply insecure or intensely selfish. Here's the thing, everyone is insecure and selfish on some level. It's part of the human condition outside of Christ. Of course, he is the only cure for both. In Christ, our position is…

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Take a long hard look at this! NOW Think real LONG and hard about this! You selfish asshole! KARMA ⏳!

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