Husbands, never use your position, size, words, or argumentation to intimidate. Instead, love gently with your wife's best always at the forefront of your mind. Gentleness is a sure sign of strength and love. Men that intimidate their wives (or others) are either deeply insecure or intensely selfish. Here's the thing, everyone is insecure and selfish on some level. It's part of the human condition outside of Christ. Of course, he is the only cure for both. In Christ, our position is…

I find it curious how the people that have no self control or respect for your feelings, are the same people that demand self control and respect from you!

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I wish I were the wife my husband needed me to be. I wish I was different that I was better. {A letter to my husband}

Husbands stand up for your wife. I love this it is so beautiful and true. A man who truly loves his wife who always choose his wife. If you have a successful marriage it's because your husband has always had your back, oh boy am I blessed I absolutely love my husband more and more each day

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That's the truth. It's funny how cheaters can't fess up to their own ways. Shows how they are. Whether u cheat with friends/family etc it's still cheating if you are in a relationship!!!!!!! People crack me up!

Amen...Education about Narcissists, Sociopaths, and other Toxic People. Don't be a victim, don't just survive, Thrive LET THIS BOARD BE YOUR AHA MOMENT, PLEASE SHARE!!!

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