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If you grew up with an emotionally immature, unavailable, or selfish parent, you may have lingering feelings of anger, loneliness, betrayal, or abandonment. You may recall your childhood as a time when your emotional needs were not met, when your feelings were dismissed, or when you took on adult levels of responsibility in an effort to compensate for your parent’s behavior. These wounds can be healed, and you can move forward in your life.


Narcissists make terrible parents. They lack the basic empathy & selfless nature that loving parenting requires. They have no problem meeting their own needs first before their children's needs & feel completely justified in their actions. Narcissists create valid resentment in their children & later on in life, wonder why they have no authentic relationship with their adult children. Chronic selfishness & parenting do not go together. (Shannon Thomas)


I've seen this happen more times than I care to say. It's horrible to do this to another human being much less your own children. A selfish horrible thing to do.