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semicolon..... Means the author could have finished the sentence.... But choose not to.... Your the author..... Your life is the sentence....

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Semicolon Jewelry. Semicolon Necklace. Inspirational Strength Jewelry. Warrior Necklace. Addiction Recovery. Mental Health Awareness

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You Need to Know What the Semicolon Tattoo Really Stands For

Behind every tattoo there's a story waiting to be told. Some will make you smile while other tiny tattoos leave you deeply moved. For those part of the the image is more than just a punctuation symbol. It's a reflection of the

from Odyssey

The Stigma Behind Mental Illness

Although it can be extremely hard to think that one day you will feel "ok" is even a possibility. Think of everything you've overcome and how little those things are now. What more will you be capable of?