High Frequency Induction mainly used in metal heat treatment, 'quenching, diathermy, melting, brazing, straight seam welded steel pipes, gas heating to electric vacuum devices, semiconductor materials refining, thermal plastic, such as baking and purification.

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Scientists synthesize first genetically evolved semiconductor material

Researchers have built a rice grain-sized microwave laser, or 'maser,' powered by single electrons that demonstrates the fundamental interactions between light and moving electrons. It is a major step toward building quantum-computing systems out of semiconductor materials.

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#Galliumoxide #NewAlternative #Silicon Researchers at Flosfia, a start-up in Kyoto introduces a new semiconductor material gallium oxide with improved heat conductivity. It is the best alternative to silicon. Check out how to make this material by clicking below: http://analyseameter.com/2016/03/gallium-oxide-semiconductor-material-improved-heat-conductivity.html

Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization | Ebook - (More info on: https://1-W-W.COM/Bowling/semiconductor-material-and-device-characterization-ebook/)

A novel magnetic semiconductor material that is an alloy of cobalt, iron, chromium and aluminum in which part of the aluminum was replaced with silicon may help reduce the power needed to store data in the computer memory.

"MIT researchers are looking to make more efficient solar cells by creating a funnel-like structure in a semiconductor material in order to make use of a broader spectrum of sunlight." via gigaom.com

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Physical Chemistry of Semiconductor Materials and Processes

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A solar cell is the fundamental element of a solar panel, a device that converts sunlight into electricity. Professionally made solar cells are made of special semiconductor material sandwiched between metal contacts and a layer of non-reflective glass. The semiconductor is specially made to be sensitive to the photoelectric effect and responds to...

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