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Clever card making made easy! If you've ever wanted to send a fancy-fold card, but didn't feel like figuring out the measurements for cuts and folds, then these cards are perfect for you! Designs include 3 different swing cards, a side-step, shutter, and center step design. You'll also get patterns for the papers to cover these blank white cards. How easy is that!? Find this at


6 traits--conventions--This is a cute story about punctuation that takes a vacation, but the kids start to miss punctuation as everything they read is making no sense to them, so they send a card apologizing and punctuation returns. For this lesson, I give the kids a paragraph of writing without any punctuation and they partner up and try to find all of the missing punctuation marks. Kids that are able to find all of the mistakes, get to choose a "special punctuation pencil" and eraser for…