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As you get older, maintaining a home and your lifestyle becomes more challenging. Senior living offers a positive way to manage these challenges and live more independently. This infographic shows some key points to consider.


Medicine Bottle Opener. A helpful tool that assists in the opening of safety caps on medicine bottles. The white soft gripper holds onto a variety of bottle lids enabling medicine to be easily accessed. Ideal tool for the elderly or people with arthritis. A great item for home health providers, senior citizen events or any "grand opening" events. Evans Mfg. Contact your Geiger Rep. or call 1.866.843.1212 for more information.

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How to Look Like An Elderly Person for Halloween


From slick floors to overzealous pets, our homes are filled with obstacles that can cause us to fall. The dangers of fall-related injuries are especially high for senior citizens. In fact, one-third of all people over 65 will fall this year. This infographic further explores what you can do to keep yourself and your elderly loved ones safe from falls in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and stairways.