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Senior Crafts

Easy Crafts for Seniors Whatever our age making and creating crafts can be a great way to relax, keep learning and even make money. These easy crafts for Seniors will keep you occupied for ages! #easycrafts #supereasycrafts #easycraftideas

Blowing Button Tree #buttons #crafting

Crafts for Nursing Home Residents

150 crafts and activities for the elderly seniors in your life - by a senior volunteer

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Seniors with Dementia Playing with Play Dough, Painting, Scrapbooking

Free Crafts & Activity Ideas for Seniors

Cupcake Liner Crafts! What fun ideas for easy crafts for grandkids, not to mention us boomers and seniors. :)

Circle art ..this is simple and can be fun. Help your senior depending on their ablilities. You should put paint on edge of cup. Help them stamp it on paper if needed. Then encourage them to add the "doodles"...It really helps if you produce a "Sample" for them to see what is the goal....Enjoy !!!

Easy Crafts for Seniors For many seniors, crafting has been a pastime they have enjoyed for most of their lives. For others, they discovered the enjoyment and rewards of crafting in their retirement years.

Graduation ideas {15} - A Little Craft In Your Day. Amazing to start now or the beginning of each senior year and give it to them when they graduate!

Best Crafts For Seniors

Activities For Senior - Beaded Eyeglass Chain Crafts For Seniors

How to Find Good Arts and Crafts Ideas for Seniors thumbnail

This is a good excerise for those with declining skills. Craft stick puzzle. Best to use the wide craft sticks. Draw a tree and then mix up the sticks. Have the senior build the image by arranging the sticks. Praise them for doing a good job.

Activity Director Craft & Event Ideas: Crafts

When looking for craft projects to do with seniors, remember that their fingers may be a bit slower than they once were. So, patience is the magic...

Art Love this autumn tree made out of buttons - great for crafts with the grandkids easy-crafts-for-seniors-kids

LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Awesome soccer scrapbooking layout. Can be used for father's day.

80% of seniors say their community activities are old and dull. Learn how to jumpstart your senior programs. #seniors #livingsenior #activities

cross necklace craft. I have made one of these out of masonary/concrete nails and hang it on our tree every year

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    What kind of wire would you use with the big honkin masonry nails?

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Keep track of this website....reference for crafts for seniors...maybe mom would be interested.

Whether it's your first semester in college or the beginning of your senior year, these DIY ideas are sure to spruce up your room!

Activity ideas for your family, church group, or homeschool group when visiting a nursing home, play games, sing some songs or put on a musical program.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Seniors

Over 25 years ago I taught a group of seniors how to make these. It's been nearly that long since I've made any. I was thinking of making some but wasn't sure I'd remember how. Pinterest for the win!!