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Sergei Korolev

RUSSIAN SPACE FIRSTS ~ Sergei Pavlovich Korolev (1907-1966) is widely regarded as the founder of the Soviet space program. He led the development of the world's first ballistic missile, known today as the R-7, which became a base for a long-lasting family of space boosters, carrying Russian cosmonauts into orbit for decades to come.


Profile: Sergei Korolev Sergei Korolev spent an illustrious career unknown to both his fellow countrymen and to the outside


Great Minds: Sergei Korolev, The Chief Designer by scishow: Most people have never heard of him. But Soviet scientist Sergei Korolev quietly developed the revolutionary rocket technology that we still use today. Host: Reid Reimers Support on Subbable:


Sergei Korolev (1906 - 1966) Rocket Designer, Engineer, Space Pioneer. He was the head of the Soviet Space Program during the 1950s and 1960s, overseeing the Sputnik, Luna, Verena, Vostok and Soyuz space missions.


Sergei Korolev, the "Chief Designer". He kept the USSR ahead of the USA in the space race until his death in 1966.