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The Ashera Cat! Would love to have this cat! You walk it on a leash! And looks like a mini cheetah! Only problem, well it's price tag is a hefty $25,000, yep that cat cost more than I bought my car for! :-)

Savannah Cat...this breed is huge, has the temperament of a dog, and has gorgeous markings. Too bad they are over 2k! Lovely cats. <3

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2. Savannah Price: $25,000 A cross between the African Serval and a domestic housecat, the Savannah’s personality reflects both its ancestors. This feline has striking spotted markings reminiscent of wild cats, with long ears and hooded eyes that give it an exotic look. The Savannah bonds closely with its family, and has an adventurous and assertive personality that will keep owners on their toes. via @AOL_Lifestyle Read more…

TICA Registered Savannah  and Serval Kittens, home raised and bred for quality, health, type and personality. Well adjusted kittens guaranteed at reasonable prices. These kittens are raised in our home, under foot. We offer top quality kittens f