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Valcom VIP-801 Networked Page Zone Extender by Valcom. Save 11 Off!. $318.51. - Val worked page zone extender- Enables voice accessto a single zone of one-way paging over an IP-based LAN/WAN (this allows page zone extension anywhere on the work)- 1 Audio output - 1 Audioinput - 2 Programmable form C relay closures - RJ-45 for work connection - No server required - 1 to 11 Digit dial plans - Easy Windows based setup - AUX Audio input - Contactclosure available for: audio indication and door…

This is exactly how I felt while hubby was driving in I4 and Disney traffic last night!


Industrial 3g routers. #gprsmodems #gsm #industrialgprs #remotecontrol #SIMCOM#3g #instagprs#SMSalert#smatmonitoring#network#remotemeasurements#sim900d#quadband#telit#quectel#sierrawireless#gemalto#remotemonitoring#m2m#machine2machine#hardware#iot#gsmrouter#routers Industrial robust design and compact metal housing h eat endurance and radiation abillity High data speed via LTE 4G or 3G network 2.5G backward compatible Strong electromagnetic interference Resistance Support DIN-Rail…

Pro 5ft. USB to RS485 / RS422 FTDI Chip by GEARMO. $34.95. ?Compatible with: Windows 7 32/64, Vista 32/64, Server 2003/8, XP 32/64, 2000, ME, 98Se, Mac and Linux ?Indication LED's for Power, TX and RX ?Plug and Play USB to RS485 Converter ?No power supply needed ?No IRQs, DMA or required. No IRQ Conflicts ?3 feet (1 meter) cable ?Baud rate: 300bps to 1Mbps ?USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant ?Automatic send data control ?Auto detection of data speed ?Zero delay automatic trans...


Buy Buffet Server | Tristar BP2979 at the best price. Buffer server with capacity to heat 3 dishes and with dish-warmer function. Three individual pans with lids. Keeps your dishes warm. Adjustable thermostat of 200 W. Features:Stainless steel housingTemperature regulator by stepsEnamelled traysHot plateHeat-resisting housingBuilt-in handlesPower indication lightsPower: 200 W

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What To Do When Your Web Server Hosting Package Is Maxed Out

The bounce rate is a measurement of the number of visitors who leave the website without any interaction with it, such as by clicking or entering information. (It is often mistakenly described as the number of visitors who visit only one page). If this figure starts to rise, it is often an indication that there is a problem with the website.

if the Inspector General’s report is any indication. The former First Lady, who has years of practice dodging scandal, is desperate to do so here, now that the Intelligence Community is confirming what most people suspected: Clinton, as Secretary of State, didn’t just break protocol -- she risked American lives -- storing top secret information on her private server. The bombshell, which broke this week, suggests that Clinton’s emails didn’t just contain classified subjects -- but highly…

Microsoft's new Online Backup Service Beta for Windows 8 Server lets users backup and restore server files (except system state) in high-availability Windows Azure blobs at an unspecified Microsoft Data Center. The beta version offers 10 GB of no-charge data storage. Currently, there's no indication of what storage charges for the release version will be.