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Set Notation

from tothesquareinch

Set Notation Activity

teach different types of set notation (roster, set-builder and interval). After the typical “when are we ever going to use this in real life” questions (answer: when you’re working at an awesome job that people who suck at math aren’t qualified for…) I told my students that I often write this sentence:

from Manna Math

Helping Students Take Ownership of Learning

My Prob & Stats students have been working on Venn Diagrams and set notation…

6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade Math ERROR ANALYSIS (Find the Error) - Have your students engage in higher order thinking with this math ERROR ANALYSIS activity. Each set includes 10 word problems that are solved incorrectly. Students have to IDENTIFY THE ERROR, provide the CORRECT SOLUTION and share a helpful STRATEGY for solving the problem. All problems are aligned to the common core.