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Use the Pink Insulation foam boards for set backdrops!!! So easy to cut and shape to anything you can think of!

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math classroom poster and banners | Also included, are four posters that focus on the keywords for each ...

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Order of Operations Self-Checking Task Cards FREEBIE

Cut back on grading with these FREE self-checking order of operations task cards!

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Fun Math Game To make this more challenging for middle schoolers I was adjust the challenge so that students must create 1 expression using all the numbers, this way they need to consider Order of Operations

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Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue on set "Operation jacket swap :) #onceuponatime #emmaswan #blackleather"

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Teach grouping symbols, parentheses, brackets and order of operations with this free interactive notebook set

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Greenhouse made of vintage windows! Is there a better name than "Herbs"? Not when you've named it after your hubby! Ready, get set, operation grow plants!

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