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Herbal medicine for preppers, because your health deserves a plan b.


Ever heard of a burn scar contracture? It's a preventable condition that happens when 2nd or 3rd degree burned skin thickens and tightens up to close a wound. Without access to proper medical care for burns, people with severe burns often end up disabled due to these contractures. Find out what the health impacts are for a burn survivor, depending on where the contracture is located, in this infographic. Please help us spread the word - repin this for your followers…


Demand Justice for Severely Burned Puppy[]

Iconic Images Of The Vietnam War: June 8, 1972 A Vietnamese grandmother carries her severely burned 1 y/o grandson down Route 1 after a misdirected napalm attack by South Vietnamese pilots in the village of Trang Bang, South Vietnam.


Justice For Diesel! Severely Burned And Marked For Life By His Owner! | On 8/12/14, an investigation led to a home in Willet where the authorities found a 5-month old dog with severe burns all over his body requiring immediate veterinary intervention. The owner denies having a clue what happened to the dog. Click for details and please SIGN and share petition. Thanks.


JAMA Network | JAMA | Association of an Educational Program in Mindful Communication With Burnout, Empathy, and Attitudes Among Primary Care...


Hang this on your wall for emergencies. Skin Burn Severity Enlarged anatomy poster depicts new skin burn classifications and Rule of Nines for burn trauma centers, EMT/EMS and paramedic schools. Dermatology chart for doctors and nurses. #clinicalposters


THE BODY PERCENTAGE: the body is broken up into percentages of surface area taken up by each part for both ADULT FRONT/BACK and CHILD. Also, just notice how differently proportioned the child is comparing his/her percentages to the identical ones on the adult. This is mainly used for judging burns' severity when covering areas.