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In 1993, Dominique (Shell Danielson) began to suffer from severe headaches and dizzy spells and she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and only months to live. 1990s #GH50

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Triplets beat odds of 200m-to-1 to be born genetically identical

The triplets were delivered by Caesarean section at 31 weeks. Rocco was 3lb 5oz, Roman was 3lb 6oz and Rohan was 3lb 10oz.

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Severe Headaches Not Linked to Lupus, Study Shows

The vast majority of headaches in lupus patients are not linked to disease flare-ups, research shows.

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The Mother (Severe Headache Blend)

The Mother of all headache blends!  If you suffer from severe headaches, or…

She Cried All Night Long With Severe Headaches, What They Found In Her Nose When Her Father Used… -

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The Drs: Fitness Expert With Severe Headaches + What Is Meningioma?

The Doctors talked to a fitness expert who was experiencing severe headaches, only to find out it was a tumor, not a migraine.

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Gene Variants Predict Which Lupus Patients Will Have Kidney Trouble

Gene Variants Predict Which #Lupus Patients Will Have Kidney Trouble (Healthline: Aug 23, 2013)