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ART PRINT Severus Snape, Harry Potter illustration, Always Quote, Black and White Edition, Wall Decor, Home Decor

/* we raise our wands, & bid farewell to our dearest professor Snape. Such a tremendous loss of an amazing actor. Alan Rickman, you will be sorely missed ART PRINT Severus Snape Harry Potter illustration by SubjectArt

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I still pride myself in the fact that from the completion of reading the first Harry Potter book when I was in elementary school I decided that Snape really was a good person. I wouldn't learn for years later that he actually was. I always liked Snape. :)

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WHY WOULD YOU EVEN POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!?!?! Oh wait, I just repined. hhehe---brought a tear to my eye

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Severus Snape<<a friendly reminder that the Sorting Hat sorts you into the house with your STRONGEST characteristic, but that doesn't mean that they don't have characteristics from the other houses.

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Oh, this makes me smile and want to cry all at the same time. Alan Rickman, you were a perfect Snape and the world of cinematography will miss you.

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