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A Version 1 pattern for my Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Cover is now available. I am hoping to release the final version for sale, together with these instructions, in a few weeks but, in the mea…

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A great tutorial on cleaning sewing machines! This is especially for the old, grimy gear driven models, but info is useful for all non-computerized machines.

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One of the key concepts of ergonomics is keeping your body in a neutral position as much as possible. Neutral position is the most relaxed state for your body. Your weight is centered and your limbs are relaxed. Your seat needs to be adjusted so that when your arms and shoulders are relaxed, your palms can rest on the sewing machine bed with your elbows forming a 90° angle. #sewing #quilting

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Top 10 Beginner Sewing Tutorials

TOP 10 BEGINNER SEWING TUTORIALS...Everything you need to start sewing is to have a sewing machine, the needed materials and ideas what you want to do. If you haven’t sewn yet, we have for you 10 tutorials for beginners. Try first with something easy, like toiletry bag, gift card holder, placements. When you will get in to it, you can go with something bigger. Take a look and try,

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Getting to know your new Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine | Unboxing your new machine | Janome sewing feet and attachments | The Janome Skyline S7 is for sale during our Annual Spring Sale-a-Thon at K-W Sewing Machines in Kitchener, Ontario! Plus, we include free lessons, which make getting to know your new machine a breeze.

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Treadle & Vintage Parts Vintage sewing machine parts for sale

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Faith, Grace, and Crafts: laces wrapped around clothes pegs and stored in an old drawer

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