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Brain Biota Branton WG Lu JQ Surette MG Holt RA Lind J Laman JD Power C.Brain microbiota disruption within inflammatory demyelinating lesions inmultiple sclerosis.Sci Rep. 2016 Nov 28;6:37344. doi: 10.1038/srep37344. Microbial communities reside in healthy tissues but are often disrupted during disease. Bacterial genomes and proteins are detected in brains from humans nonhuman primates rodents and other species in the absence of neurological disease. We investigated the composition and…

The Rules of Attraction in the Game of Love

List of countries by sex ratio - Wikipedia

If you build it…bees will come.

Masonry Bees that are so integral to our ecosystem. Unlike honeybees or bumble bees, the Masonry Bee is a solitary bee. It has no queen or worker bees. They don’t produce honey or beeswax. Other than mating, their soul purpose is to pollinate.


REVEALED: 17 Scientific Laws Of Attraction

FACT #6. There's a "golden ratio" for faces. Ever wonder if there's some magical formula for being beautiful? According to a 2010 study, ...


Sex ratio - blue, more males than females; pink - more females than males; green - equal sex ratio

#LatestNews Haryana foundation day: State gets PM Narendra Modi’s pat for ‘improving sex ratio at a fast pace’

A new study finds that a warming world is interfering with genetics, body mass, and the sex ratios of the planet’s wildlife.